Shayne D'Lima

I'm a Data Scientist.

About Me

  • Name: Shayne D'Lima
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia

I'm a final-year student at Monash University studying a double degree in Engineering (Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering) and Commerce (Econometrics). I have a love for all things technology and a deep interest in data science.



Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) / Bachelor of Commerce

Monash University, Clayton

Currently undertaking my double degree in Engineering and Commerce, where I am specialising in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and Econometrics, respectively.


Secondary School: Year 9 - Year 12

Melbourne High School, South Yarra

Completed VCE at Melbourne High School in 2015.


Secondary School: Year 7 - Year 8

St. James College, Bentleigh East

Started my secondary school education at St. James College.


January 2020 to March 2020

Software Developer/Data Science Intern


Undertook an internship at Infosys in Melbourne over the summer holidays. I was responsible for delivering a data-driven software solution that provided customers with product recommendations and dynamically-generated vouchers based on their shopping behaviour.

December 2019 onwards


Glide Academics

Co-Founder of Glide Academics, an online platform that provides students with custom-made quizzes and analytics to suit the VCE syllabus. Heavily involved in the platform development and content generation process.

November 2018 to February 2019

Robotics Research Intern

Monash University

Worked alongside Monash University staff to determine if pushing objects with a robotic arm was an effective and efficient method to sort items. This required programming in Python, C++ and working with robotics.

January 2018 onwards

STEM Mentor - Education Support

Forest Hill College

Responsible for delivering introductory programming and electronics lessons to secondary-school students. Provided STEM-related help to students in topics including 3D printing, CAD, electronics, programming, robotics, etc.

June 2016 to June 2017


Fruition Tuition

Tutored students of ranging abilities in Mathematics and Science.

December 2015 onwards

Private Tutor


Tutored numerous students with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds in Mathematics and Science.

April 2012 to July 2013



Facilitated customer transactions using POS software. Responsible for providing a high-level of customer service to customers.


Programming Knowledge

Python, R, MATLAB, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, C++, Arduino, React, MIPS, Verilog


Problem Solving

Data Analytics

Machine Learning

3D Printing




St. James College

  • Year Level Dux Award (2010 Semester 1)
  • Year Level Dux Award (2010 Semester 2)
  • Academic Excellence Award (2011 Semester 1)
  • Academic Excellence Award (2011 Semester 2)
  • Certificate of Distinction in Australian Mathematics Competition 2010
  • 2010 Indonesian Subject Award
  • 2010 Mathematics Subject Award
  • 2011 Humanities Subject Award
  • 2011 Design and Technology Subject Award
  • Chess Kids Certificate of Distinction
  • 2011 Class Vice-Captain
  • Debating Team

Melbourne High School

  • School Volleyball Team
  • School Intermediate Hockey Team
  • MHS Vehicles Group
  • Certificate of Distinction in Australian Mathematics Competition 2012
  • Ray Willis Leadership Scheme Prize Winner 2012
  • Certificate of Distinction in UNSW Global Science Competition 2012
  • Certificate of Distinction in Australian Mathematics Competition 2015
  • Achieved the Victorian Certificate of Education with an ATAR of 99.50 (Completed Year 12 in 2015)

Monash University

  • Undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce
  • Monash University Engineering Excellence Award Scholarship
  • Avionics Team Member for the Monash Unmanned Aerial Systems Team
  • Included in the Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Honours List 2016
  • Included in the Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Honours List 2017
  • Included in the Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Honours List 2018
  • ETC2410 (Introductory Econometrics) Unit Prize Recipient
  • Monash University HardHack 2018 1st Place
  • IMC Engineering Leadership Scholarship Recipient
  • Graduate of the Leadership in a Technological Environment (LITE) Program
  • Summer (2018-2019) Research Scholarship Recipient
  • Monash University HardHack 2019 2nd Place
  • Co-author of 'Embracing Contact: Pushing Multiple Objects with Robot's Forearm'
  • ETC3450 (Time Series Analysis for Business and Economics) Unit Prize Recipient
  • ETC2440 (Mathematics for Economics and Business) Unit Prize Recipient
  • GovHack 2020 COVID-19 Economic/Social Recovery Victorian State Government Challenge 1st Place
  • GovHack 2020 Victoria People's Choice Award Honourable Mention

Co-Curricular Activities and Hobbies

  • MDJTA Boys Section 2 Tennis Runners up (2014 July-December Season)
  • MDJTA Boys Section 2 Tennis Runners up (2015 January-June Season)
  • Waverley District Seniors Tennis Competition
  • Avionics Team Member for Monash Unmanned Aerial Systems 2017
  • Monash Division 2 Open Indoor Soccer Competition
  • Playing Guitar
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Technology
  • Woodworking

My Projects

Word Clock

An Arduino based project that shows you the time using words.

Music Box

An RFID controlled music playing box, that allows you to switch between playlists by simply placing a different card on the Music Box.


An LED-backlit board that allows you to write and draw on it - like a whiteboard but cooler!

Height Estimation App

A web app that allows you to calculate the height of objects using your phone camera.

Sorting Algorithm Project

Identifying if pushing objects with a robotic arm is an efficient method for sorting items!


1st Place Hardhack 2018.

Puck-Stacking Robot

A robot that avoids obstacles, picks up pucks and stacks the pucks in a certain order!

Glide Academics

An education system that combines in-class lesson with online quizzes!

Checkout Chum

A smart trolley streamlining the retail experience with on-the-go product scanning, tracking and one-step payments.

Smart Super

1st place prize winner for GovHack 2020.

Image Enhancement Using Deep Learning

My Electrical Engineering Final Year project, investigating how deep learning can be used to enhance the quality of images.

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